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Ways to care of your candles

Updated: May 6, 2022

Ensuring your candle stay looking fresh and smelling blissful, require a care and you will have a candle not only burn evenly but without the smoke.

Keeping wicks trimmed and avoid drafts can help prolong candles life. The main rule with candles is to never leave a candle burning unattended. Safety first!

“There's are ways for properly burn a candle and there is ways to making a candle last longer.”

Don't burn a new candle for only a couple of minutes. You should allow for a new candle to form a pool of wax across the candle surface before extinguishing. The first burn is very important and is recommended that your candle burn for 3 hours to make sure candle don't get tunneling on the second time of lighting.

Trim Your Wicks

The trimming of wicks is an essential part of maintaining candles. You should trim your wick around 1/4 inches for the best results. Making sure that your wick is trim will allow for the candle to burn evenly throughout the use of the candle.

Burn your candle

Allow your candle to burn evenly to the edges of vessel to prevent any tunneling, especially for the first burn.

Know when the end is the end

Never burn your candle completely out. You must allow at least 1/4" of wax to keep the vessel from overheating.


Never ever leave any candle unattended and don't burn a candle more than 3 hours. By doing this it help to protect any surfaces from the heat of the vessel and the life of your candle will last longer.

Reusable Vessel

Last but not least, reusable vessel once your done with your wax vessel. Just to make sure you thoroughly wash it out and let it dry!

Now these are the steps that I follow to ensure not only the safety of my family but the long lasting use of my candles!

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