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Our Work

Our work is dedicated to helping others that deal with chronic pain. We enjoy working with others to help with those issues that embarks us in our everyday situations. This is one of the reasons why we do what we do. We help others to take the time out of their busy schedule and just relax. This is a firm belief that a simple moment with yourself can relieve any stress that have weighed you down.



This is an area that can be familiar to some or not. To some that do take the time to any form of meditation, it's just a form of relaxing and concentration steps on breathing. Since TamDu'Ky embarked on creating massage candles, it was only fitting to add the importance of relaxation steps to coincide with the candles. 

Best Poses For Beginners

This area is new as well for us. So, we tried to keep everything simple as we could. As a person who loves to be comfortable at all times these areas are the best fitting to us. Here are 3 ways we enjoy while we concentrate on breathing and relaxing. This one here is simple your just lying flat in a still motion. This pose is one of the favorites.


Sitting Pose

This pose here was a little tricky. For those that have pain in the hip area you might want to sit with a pillow underneath. This method helps with the tilting of the pelvic area. It encourages the spine to form its natural curve and assist with breathing.


This pose here is not for those who have knee issues. This pose is another favorite that works great with pillows underneath. Again, the pillows help tilt the pelvic area to form the natural spine and also assist with breathing.

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