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The Short Story Of TamDu'Ky


Hi, I'm Char Ochieng the founder of TamDu'Ky. Here at our company, we work diligently on providing the very best therapeutic products for relaxation. Starting 4 years ago in the dining room of our home to now we provide an assortment of different therapeutic products for all comfortabilities measurement! A craft that became a true passion is something we solely believe in extending to you! 



Our mission is to deliver the 3 C's, which is Comfortability, Calming and Caring! This is something that this company comments by and strive to give!

Our slogan here is Relax Unwind with TamDu'Ky!


Our vision is to continue creating a therapeutic world for many people who needs that break. To continue in growth in understanding for a better living. That break into relaxing and enjoy life's meaning!

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