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The Short Story Of TamDu'Ky


TamDu'ky started as a family base company that provides products for the mind, body and spirit. The correct pronunciation is (Tam- Du (do)- Ky (Kie) which can be a joke if it's not pronounced right! Since the beginning, this family always had a creative side. From my mother and brother artistry to my sister singing and writing, we always showed our devotion to our individual creativity. It wasn't until 2018 when we sat and put that creativity to test at our dinner room table. It was something that this family did together. With new creative individual products, we all formed an idea. We started this small business and continued to build from there. Through many of trials and errors we decided to do this small business full time. Finally, it's here the design of TamDu'Ky therapeutic products for the mind, body and spirit. Though the hard work, challenges and dedication TamDu'Ky continues to grow. All the products are made from organic materials and is tested by humans not animals. This company stands firmly behind our products and strive to continue to deliver the best! The dedication to providing the best quality products is the most important factor for the ultimate self-care experience.

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Our mission is to deliver the 3 C's, which stands for Comfortability, Calming and Caring! This is something that this company works by to give you the best!

Our slogan here is: Relax, Unwind with TamDu'Ky!

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Our vision is to continue creating therapeutic products for people who needs that therapeutic break. To continue in growth in understanding for a better living. That break into relaxing and enjoy life's meaning! The 3 C's

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