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How to reuse candles from old to new

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Considering with prices going up in everything from utility bills to gas prices rising due to pandemics and conflicts. What's the best thing to work on that can help with surges, DIY candle projects! Candles at the beginning was a way society lived and now become a growing industry for home decorating. Candles can provide an electricity resource to more of a decorative therapy for candle lovers. Even though it won't solve our nation problems, it can relive some stress in our lives.

What to do after a candle been used and no longer can spark a flame? Well set it aside for a DIY project. Most candle have wax that's either leftover from burning on the sides or bottom that can't catch a flame.

“Any design you want is achievable with a little creativity and an imagination.”

Before you get started keep in mind the type of wax you'll be melting. There's multiple waxes such as paraffin, palm wax, soy wax, almond wax, coconut wax, and beeswax. If I missed any other waxes please leave me a comment below. Also, If your planning on reusing any glass jar, do not use anything sharp to remove the wax from the vessel. It causes the glass vessel to weaken and will break when reusing it. Remember safety first!

What you will need is any old candle or candles for this project. How many candles is up to your discretion.

Let's start with melting all your candles in a pan small enough to fit in a larger pan with water. Try not to have to much water in the larger pan due to spillage. Melting point of waxes can vary from 100 to 145 degrees. While your wax is melting you will want to put your wick in any vessel that's appropriate for this DIY. You can get wicks from any craft store. When placing your wick you will need to make sure that your wick is placed center of your vessel with wick sticker to make sure it's secure. These can be purchased at any craft store as well. Once your wax is melted pour the melted wax into the vessel. This part here you will want to make sure to have a holder due to the jars maybe hot from being reheat. If your layering let the first wax pour stand for about a hour than pour the next layer in the center of candle. Repeat this process to whatever desire your creation. Finally you will want to fill your new candle 1/4 inches below the rim to burn adequately. These are tips to be creative with old candles. If you have any other suggestion please leave a comment. Until next time!


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