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Expos, Pop-Ups and Farmer Markets

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Welcome to my world!

The Beginnings

Hello everyone! I wanted to start by welcoming you all to my first blog page where I will be discussing my experiences with doing expos, pop-ups and farmer markets! Doing them all I've learned the pros, the cons and the fears!

First expo in Fort Collins, Colorado. My cousin attended this one with me.


My first expo I attended was a Body, Mind, & Spirit in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was scared out of my mind! It's safe to say I didn't know what to expect and how I would be able to handle the large crowds in a fast pace manner. I've also learned, comparing to the other booths, that I needed signages! I didn't have the correct signs to stand my booth out from the rest.

The signages there at this expo was very grafted which made it intimidating! Not having any of my own was a detection that I was a newbie. The first thing that stood out to me right away was how helpful everyone was with me. I guess being a newbie people were willing to extend a helping hand! Well anyways, I was so nervous I had to figure out real quick on how to overcome those fears! This was also my first feeling I was the face of the brand and I had to represent what I was selling!

Comparing that I needed big signages! I made adjustments with posters I brought with me! This was right before the pandemic.

The Set-Up

Once I got started setting up my booth, everything seemed to have fallen into place quickly. I didn't have time to be scared or feel overwhelmed. I had to jump straight into sales mode. Doing so I've learned not everyone will buy your products that your selling, so you'll need to be patient and allow your customers to come to you. In the meantime, enjoy the process of selling your products and learn who your target audience are! I seen that my market was all over the place! Not only was I selling to women of all ages but also to men. So learn your market audience!

It was also here is where I found explaining my products a never ending story! It was at this expo that I had to learn how to articulate what my products was and how my products works!

I didn’t have extended line of products than but I was introducing new products to the roster.

My first flea market expo in Sheboygan right after it was safe to attend any activities during pandemic!

Farmer Market’s

Like I said at the beginning, I was terrified! My first farmers market was inside of a church due to the weather! I didn’t know what to expect but I was eager to gain the experience of selling off my products! Well you learn by experiencing the unknown! So I can say I enjoyed it but I probably wouldn’t do church again unless I’m attending a church services. I am grateful that I’ve met some wonderful people there and even made new friends. I guess this part is called networking!

My first pop-up in Milwaukee before the pandemic.


There was a lot of vendors their at this last minute pop-up. I can really say that I enjoyed doing this one as much as I was displaying TamDu’Ky brand! It was exciting to be there with other vendors for a serious cause other than marketing they brand!

I can truly say that my beginning marketing exhibits were all learning experience. Each one that I did, there was just a little bit more added to learning different strategies of the marketing world.

At the end of it all I can say I really enjoyed every minute of each and every exhibition I did! I learned some valuable lesson in the process and made cool new friends. I’ve also learnt that all it takes is determination of believing in yourself! I love being TamDu’Ky!! Like we say here…….

Relax, Unwind with TamDu’Ky!!

Leave a comment on your experiences with any exhibits or if you experienced any TamDu’Ky products!

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