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How to Pick the Right Scent

Updated: May 6, 2022

Picking the right scent can be tricky! I've learn over a weekend of networking that it takes special skills to have that nitch when it comes to selecting the "RIGHT" scent! I mean there's over hundreds of scents and where to began to find that one special scent? That can take a person few days! My tip is to work with what you got. Find that scent that fits you!

What works for one person probably will not work for you. Meaning that every person is creative in there own way and finding that right scent may come easier for that person. So what I've learn over my weekend is to find the right scent that fits my senses.

“My tip is to work with what you got. Find the scent that fits you!”

During my time with other people from different parts of this country, I'm not the only one that sits with scents and not know what to do with them. So, I began playing with my scents to find different blends that was unique but, also give that aroma therapy. Be creative and blend! That was one of my best highlight of my weekend journey.

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During this whole blending process, I came to the realization that blending is a technique that requires layers. Something that's needed if you want a certain scent or smell. So not only did I learn blending technique, I meet new people from all over!

So Relax Unwind With TamDu'Ky!

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